About Vítězslava and Petr

Victoria and Peter grew up together in a Christian community in Pilsen.

Inspired by Peter’s sister, the excellent violinist Jana Novakova-Vonaskova, Viktoria has decided with just 5 years and after hearing her numerous performances by Jana in the municipality, that one day she will be able to play as beautiful on the violin as her idol Jana.

So Victoria began with 5 years to visit the music school. Since then Peter accompanied Viktoria on the piano by every concert and both of them were growing together as artists.

Both Victoria and Peter come from a very musical family and both were marked by small to classical music.

Peters childhood was determined by hard work and daily exercises on the piano, which can be undoubtedly very good hearing and judged by his success today. Also Victoria´s  skills continuously expanded and extended over age 18, when she continued her musical studies by taking private singing lessons from conservatory teachors over numeruos years.

Apart from a few public appearances in the Czech Republic have Victoria and Peter already implemented a joint project with church music and the production of a CD with unknown religious songs with the name “Seventh Heaven”.

Their second CD called “Soul-Wispering” with selected songs from their repertoire focuses on interpretation of musical and pop songs.

Both musicians are through the years attuned to each other and musically harmonize very well.

If you would like to buy a CD, please feel free to contact me.


Petr Novak, born in Pilsen, first studied piano with Jitka Kroupova and Zuzana Durasova at the music school. From 1999 he studied with Jindrich Duras at the Pilsen Conservatory and at the Music Faculty AMU with Dr. Emil Leichner. For one year he was a DAAD scholarship holder at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy University of Music and Drama in Leipzig in the class for continuation studies with Prof. Ulrich Urban.

Petr took part in numerous master classes led by great personalities such as Vladimir Krainev, Eugene Indjic, Nelly Akopian Tamarin, Paul Gulda, Vladimir Krainev, Douglas Humpherys and others. He has also participated in numerous international piano competitions and won many prizes:

– Beethoven Hradec – 2nd prize (1992)
– B. Martinu competition – 1st prize (1996)
                                                                                                                                       – South Bohemia 2nd International Piano Competition – 1st Prize (1996)
                                                                                                                                       – Clara Haskil competition in Vevey – reaching the quarterfinals (1997)

As a soloist he was also active with the Symphony Orchestra in Brest, the Pilsner Philharmonie, the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Marienbad, the Janacek Philharmonie Ostrava and in the Karlsbad Symphony Orchestra.

He also made a number of notable concerts with his sister, violinist Jana Novakova Vonaskova. The most successful of these include concert at the Prague Spring, Wigmore Hall in London and Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

In addition to his solo activities, he is currently also involved in pedagogical work at the Pilsen Conservatory (since 2003) and in the Music School (since 2000). Petr Novak teaches both privately and at private music schools as a music teacher. He is a sought-after soloist and a partner for various projects such as with baritone Roman Janal, pianist Stephen Kose, violinist Jana Novakova Vonaskova, violinist Lucia Novoveska Carlson, mezzo-sopranist Vitezslava Krahmerova and other artists.

Vítězslava Krahmerová


Vitezslava “Viktoria“ Krahmerova was born in Pilsen and studied fashion design at the fashion school.


At the age of five she started to study violin, Vlasta Frieslova being her teacher at the music school.

During her studies, she successfully participated in various competitions as a solo artist and with a piano trio. She was also active as a member of a chamber music group. 

For a long time she played the first violin in various orchestras.
Particularly noteworthy are the four years as the first violin for the internationally renowned and successful Irish Cork School of Music Symphony Orchestra and the Cork Symphony Orchestra.

She is a graduate of various music courses by the award-winning and leading Czech violin artist Jana Novakova-Vonaskova.

Vitezslava has been a member for four years of the Consortium Musicum chamber orchestra, which focuses primarily on the interpretation of Baroque music under the direction of the renowned West-Bohemian conductor, teacher, organist and harpsichordist Vit Aschenbrenner.

The ensemble successfully performed numerous concerts in the Czech Republic, abroad, and at international festivals.

Today Vitezslava plays the first violin in the Symphonic Orchestra at the Technical University of Prague at Karlovo namesti.



At the age of 18 Vitezslava began her singing education with various teachers of the Conservatory. Her main teacher throughout the years was the soloist of the Czech State Opera in Prague Simona Prochazkova.

In recent years, she has been able to prove her skills through a variety of soloist performances with violin and voice.

Numerous performances with the pianist Petr Novak brought the experience not only in the field of church music. Together with harpist Katarina Sevcikova, Vitezslava played for four years in Duo Angelorum, where they presented themselves with a mixed repertoire of pop, classical, musical, and film music.   

For 15 years Vitezslava has accompanied various wedding ceremonies in the Czech Republic and also in Ireland.

Nowadays Vitezslava is active as a soloist focusing on the pop music interpreted with classical tunes.

Her ability to express and convey feelings and emotions with her violin as well as her unforgettable voice make every wedding and concert an unforgettable event that touches the soul.

 Vitezslava is fluent in Czech, English, and German.